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Hello...and help?

Hello all!  I surely hope that someone can help me with a bit of a mystery.  (I even signed up for this community in the hopes that you, hi, I'm new here =^_^=)

I love Chaim Potok.  His works are awesome in their simplicity and utterly captivating and mesmerizing and all manner of other words of this nature.  If you haven't read his stuff, you should.  (Check out The Chosen or My Name is Asher Lev to start with) 

If you have read his stuff, and are familiar with the collection of novellas Old Men At Midnight, you may be who I am looking for.  In the short story at the end, entitled The Trope Teacher, Davita is depicted as a character that changes appearance.  She appears young and, to put it bluntly, hot, to the narrator of the story irl, but when he sees her writing she is large, grey haired, etc.  And my enquiring mind wants to know....why???  Cuz I'm just not seeing it here, fellas.  Help?
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