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Hi. I'm Jari and I'm a first-time poster. I've been on a lit kick for quite a while. (All my life? LOL.) I'm not a student. (I do have a Liberal Arts degree, however.) I do toy with the idea of going back to school for lit when the corporate world drags me down, but that's a maybe someday, wishful thinking sort of thing. (The urge hasn't quite hit that threshold to spur me on my way, but it may eventually get to that point.) Anyway, my question is this: Who are your favorite critics? I've been scrolling through earlier posts and I see a lot recomendations to check out literary critics, in that doing so would help to cultivate a better analytical ability. However, I have little idea of where to start. (Well, I did check out one book by Harold Bloom about his take on Hamlet, but... He just didn't agree with me. No offense meant to any of his fans out there. He would be a great source for an essay someday; I could write quite a few rebuttals against him. LOL.)

For an idea of what kind of tastes I have, (though I suppose that's really not important) here are some of my favs and a few recent reads: Christopher Marlow's Hero & Leander, Ovid's elegies, Doctor Faustus; Shakespeare's King Lear, Hamlet, Richard II, the Henry's, Much Ado About Nothing, etc; Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Grey; Homer's Odyssey; Lewis Caroll's Alice In Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass; anything by Edgar Allan Poe, and, well, the list goes on and on. I'm also really into poetry: Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Emily Dickenson, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Andrew Marvel, Robert Frost, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Sir Philip Sidney, Sir Thomas Wyatt, Edmund Spenser, Alexander Pope, William Wordsworth, etc. Also, if you happen to think of any good, favorite literary staples that would prove beneficial to a would-be lit major, I'd be much obliged. (Like, say, how how having read Ovid's Metamorphoses was really good for Hero & Leander - I can imagine it made it much more enjoyable than if I hadn't. That type of thing.) Anyway, thanks in advance for your help.
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