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Hullo there.

Hi there, I'm new!

I'm seventeen and taking Eng Literature as an AS level, shortly continuing on to A level this summer and then hoping to take it further to Uni after that.
I came across this livejournal in a hope that I could broaden my reading to prepare myself for uni but also for my own enjoyment. I have been reading since I was very young but feel almost as if I haven't read enough or at least widely enough.
Can anyone recommend me some summer reading?
I'm considering taking on Ulysses (having nearly finished Portrait of) and was wondering possibly about some lesser known Shakespearean plays...?
I'm a romantiscist, hugely in love with Du Maurier, Austen, Brontes etc and have fallen heavily for the wit of Wilde. 
Can someone point me in a direction of some deeper English Literature?

Thanks so much!


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